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Welcome to the Heat Tech Corporation Industrial Heating Elements. We are a renowned and popular heating solution provider for all kinds of industries as well as household. We offer you individual solutions for an optimal living and working environment - natural, intelligent and future-proof.

HEAT TECH CORPORATION is a manufacturer and supplier of complete, innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems. Our product portfolio extends from Industrial Heaters, cooling fans and thermocouple and temperature controllers for your industries.


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Our newest products

Heat Tracer

The element coil wounded with fibre glass insulation Teflon coated/stainless steel copper/brass wire braided for cold Storage doors, Drain pipes, Cooling coils, Tray etc.230V/1 PH Available in Standard Lengths of 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 25 & 50 mtr.

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Indsutrial Water Immersion Heater

Made out of Copper/Stainless/Incoloy Tube brazed to brass flange and duly nickel plated. All industrial water immersion heaters are meant to heating water only and these must be fully immersed in water before putting them in operation.

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Finned Air Heater

Made from special steel/Stainless steel/Incoloy in précised with continues Finns of Stainless steel/ G.I. Especially designed are provided for more deception of heat / more life

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To bring the most unconventional and high-quality heating systems for industries. The prime motto of our company is to produce safe, reliable and cost-effective heaters.


We consistently aim to bring customer friendly and demanded products. And our brand constantly works for accuracy and optimization.

Best Quality Asuured

High Quality Products

We combine this product for you individually to a package that suits you, your budget and your living and heating situation. The goal is to achieve rapid amortization of costs through high savings, while at the same time providing great environmental benefits.

Focus On Strengths

In the recent past, Heat Tech Corporation Heating Solutions has strategically reorganized its range of products in the league of cooling fans, thermocouple as well as temperature conrollers. In marketing, we are now focusing on solutions that emphasize the synergies of our core product areas. The aim is to provide integrated total solutions and to bundle them with services that provide outstanding benefits in the competitive environment.